About Us

Galach Consulting was established in 2004. From the beginning of our business, we have specialised in widely understood cybersecurity and information security services. So far, we have conducted projects for both large or very large enterprises as well as smaller and medium ones. We have worked with various organisations from virtually all market sectors and industries. We also cooperate, as a partner or subcontractor, with other IT security vendors. The company was incorporated in August 2015.

Galach Consulting has a strong and ever developing team of specialists, whose expertise allows us to provide top quality services. In our daily work we use reliable software tools, both proprietary and open-source, as well as developed for our own purposes.

The solutions we offer are tailored to the specific needs of the Client. We are opposed to radical measures – wherever possible, we do our best to optimise the already implemented solutions.

Feel free to check our services. We are open to any kind of cooperation.

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